Make Your Pledge To The Planet!

There are so many ways we can make a real difference. Some things you might choose to do:Green Sanctuary logo

  1. Find a church friend from your neighborhood and carpool to church once a month
  2. Switch to public transportation, biking or walking to get to your work or school or appointments once a week
  3. Share a subscription with a friend instead of buying one each
  4. Buy a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries
  5. Print on both sides of the paper
  6. Switch to Palo Alto Green
  7. Eat lower in the food chain: choose vegetables in place of meat once a week
  8. Line-dry most laundry per week instead of using the dryer (mmm… smells great!)

Living Locally: A Resource Guide
Supporting local businesses and eating locally-grown foods
Carbon Footprint Calculators
Green Education
The Cool It! Campaign gives you an easy and affordable way to reduce the environmental impact from your daily activities through clean, renewable energy.
City of Palo Alto Utilities: Tips for Winter Energy Use
City of Palo Alto: Plan to combat Global Warming


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