How to Get a Committee, Group or Activity Pages on the UUCPA Web Site

  • All committees and regular activities may have a page on the UUCPA Web Site.
  • No personal email or telephone numbers will be posted on the Web Site. Use an alias. See How to get a UUCPA email address.
  • A photograph or graphic may be included in your email. If you include a photograph, you must include permission for web display from each person identifiable in the photograph. Return the completed form to the office.
  • Use of the text as submitted, or use of the photograph or graphic, is at the discretion of the Web Manager.
  • Since groups and committees have different needs, the above information format may be altered, if agreed by the Committee and the Web Manager.
  • The Web Site is updated weekly.
  • Some groups or committees may want to create and maintain their own pages. This is welcomed. However, all pages will be reviewed and approved by the Web Manager before they are posted. Contact the WebManager for information about how to coordinate this work.

To have a committee or activity page published on the Web site, submit all text and photographs.

The content should include the following:

  • Committee/Group title
  • Purpose
  • Inviting paragraph
  • Description of events (optional)
  • Place and time of regular meetings (if known)
  • Photograph or graphic (optional)
  • Document (optional)
    Some committees have registration forms, additional information or other documents that should be easy accessible by members. These documents are best published in pdf. The Web Manager can convert common document types to pdf.
  • Contact name for the Web Master

You may want to have an email list for your group members.  You create that in Maiman.

You will probably also want a contact email address for those looking for more information.  Ususally you don't want these to go to the entire group list.

  •  or this can be the church office (
  • Personal email addresses or telephone numbers will not be published on the web, including web published registration forms.

Email addresses are explained on UUCPA Email Addresses .


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