Men's Groups

There are now four choices at UUCPA.  Men facing similar challenges share personal experiences and develop trusted friendships. After brief check-in, meeting topics range from profound to humorous. We promise confidentiality, openness and non-judgmental listening.

Working Stiffs: Men 30-60 balancing work and family. 
1st & 3rd Tuesday, 7:30pm
Co-Leaders:Walt O'Maley and John Phelps

Semi-Retired, Retired or Thinking about it: Men 60+ purifying wisdom.
Fridays, 10am  Not open to new members at this time.
Leader: Bill Hilton

Semi-Retired, Retired or Thinking about it: Men 60+ purifying wisdom.
1st & 3rd Monday, 10am
Leader: Bryce Perry

Contact a leader to visit.

We encourage you to try out one or more of the groups.  These groups are open to new members.  There is no hard commitment for attending when family or business matters prohibit it, but active participation is encouraged. 

UUCPA Men's Group Guidelines:

    • Confidentiality:  All information shared in our meetings stays in the group (This is a safe place.)  
    • Showing up: Show up as often as practical, considering some men travel and have other commitments.
    • Speaking openly. We agree to speak about their personal lives and experiences, with a focus on feelings.  
    • Listening non-judgmentally. We agree to let each other speak without  interruption, & to avoid formulating responses before a person is done talking.
    • Any man may request a block of time to address an urgent issue.


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