Our Better Selves

The concept of restorative justice is more than a move beyond punishment to rehabilitation. It requires religious depth, asking us to have faith in the transforming power of love. Jesus had that faith – can we? Music: Larry Chin

Making Room in Our Hearts

Who would harbor you if you needed safe shelter? Whom would you harbor? The tradition of Las Posadas invites us to imagine ourselves as Joseph, Mary, the people who rejected them, the people who welcomed them. Whom do we want to be in this story? This is an intergenerational service. Music: Amir Etemadzadeh, Persian percussion


Who Do You Think You Are?

“Know thyself,” said one of the inscriptions of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, and Socrates considered it a foundation of all wisdom. But it’s not easy to know ourselves honestly. One person who can help is the writer Kazuo Ishiguro, whose intimate explorations of self-deception have garnered him this year’s Nobel Prize. Perhaps the Nobel Committee recognizes that knowing ourselves is one of the great challenges of our time. Feeling brave with me? Let’s peel away some layers of self-deception and see what we find. Music: The Season of Us, jazz duo