Proclaim The Holy Birth(s)

A baby is miraculously conceived – his name is Houji. In his mother’s womb, another can already think and respond to outside events – his name is Gautama, the Buddha. Angels foretell a third baby’s birth and tell his mother what to name him – his name is Muhammad. Many religions have miraculous birth stories similar to the one we will shortly tell about Jesus. What are we to make of that fact? Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe


We Forgive Ourselves and Each Other . . .

Can we review our 2017 resolutions, and our lives so far, with compassion instead of judgment? It is particularly hard to do in those matters where we feel we have not lived up to our own plans and promises. Let us forgive ourselves as well as others as this year comes to an end.

A New Vision

Sometimes seeing something from a new angle is enough to make everything change. Let’s invite that into our lives. There are some tools to help us.