2017 Annual Congregation Meeting Results

On April 23, 2017, the Annual Meeting of the Congregation was held. During this meeting, the minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting were approved and the following candidates were elected to office:

  • Board of Trustees, three year terms: Audrey Erbes, Brooke Bishara, Lorraine Kostka, Sally Ahnger
  • Board of Trustees, one year term: Harrison Frahn
  • Nominating Committee, two year terms: Bill Hilton, Diane Meier, Lisa Helmonds, Tyler Kochel
  • PCD District Assembly Delegates: Esa Jacobi
  • UUA General Assembly Delegates: Karen Skold, Sally Ahnger

Note that the Board subsequently approved the following additional people to be GA Delegates: Barbara Schonborn, Catherine Holmes, Mark Erickson

There was also an advisory vote taken on the upcoming election of a new President for the UUA. Candidate Alison Miller received the most votes from our congregation. Our GA delegates may consider this when they vote at the General Assembly in June.

We thank the outgoing Board members for their service: Aliana Miller, Deneva Goins, Kay Brown

Additional items approved at the Annual Meeting were as follows:

  • Budget:
    • FY17-18 Operating Budget
    • FY17-18 List of potential projects to be funded by the Capital Fund Resolutions:
      • Renewal of the 2015 resolution empowering the Green Sanctuary Committee to act on behalf of UUCPA in certain matters pertaining to climate change.
      • New resolution allowing use of the UUCPA banner at certain events when approved by the Action Council, with immediate notification to the congregation when approved.
      • New resolution allowing use of UUCPA’s name as a co-sponsor or endorser of an event or action when approved by both the Action Council and the Board of Trustees, with immediate notification to the congrega- tion when approved.

NOTE: For more information on how to submit a request for use of the UUCPA banner or name, please contact actioncouncil@uucpa.org..