2020 Auction Wrap-up

Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and donors for your support in the 2020 auction!  We weren’t sure if an online auction could be successful, but it was and it was fun too! As of today, the auction has grossed over $15,000!

While the auction is over,  there are still a few items (parties, services, etc) with open spots.  These items can be purchased now online.  Please browse the catalog of open items and use the buy now button to purchase. The catalog can be found here: charityauction.bid/uucpa2020auction. More information can be found on the UUCPA website auction page.

Finally, if you have not picked up your physical items, please contact Pamela Schure (pamela_s@uucpa.org) to arrange for pickup. And if you are hosting a party or offering an event, we’ll let you know who your participants are in short order.