2022-23 UUCPA Pledge drive final update

Following is the final weekly summary of the canvass status for this year. It includes all pledges received by noon on 4/20/2022. 

Thank you for making this a successful pledge drive! Note that it isn’t too late to submit your pledge for the 2022-23 fiscal year. For more information, go to www.uucpa.org/pledge.  

Pledge totals as of noon Apr 20

  • Number of pledges received in this batch: 1
  • Amount pledged in this batch: $500
  • Total number of pledges received to date: 132
  • Total amount of regular pledges to date: $502,713
  • Total net increase over FY22 pledges by same donors: $93,259
  • Average pledge to date: $3,808
  • Median pledge to date: $2,400
  • Number of donors who checked Yes to continue their pledge beyond FY23:  21
  • Total additional one time pledges received to date: 78,958
  • Grand total including one-time pledges to date: $581,671

Progress Graph


1. This is the first year that we’ve had some auto-renewing pledges from last year, and they made up the first weekly entry batch, dated 2/8. When we record a new pledge card for one of these donors, the updated pledge for this year is moved to the entry batch corresponding to the date the new card is recorded. This means that the size of the 2/8 entry batch will shrink each week.

2. This year we are soliciting pledges of additional one-time contributions, and a number of donors have stepped up to make one-time pledges in addition to their regular 2022 pledges.  The total of these additional pledges is noted in the data table, and the grand total including the additional one-time pledges is indicated by crosses in the progress graph. Also on the graph are plotted two lines representing the total of last year’s pledges and a 20% increase over that amount.