2nd Session of Transgender Inclusion class – Dec 28 @ 7 pm

On Monday, December 28 (7-9 pm) we’ll continue our series of videos Transgender Inclusion in Congregations, We’ll watch and discuss the second video “Gender and Our Faith Community.” Gender roles and expectations show up in all kinds of subtle ways in society and in congregational life. In this session we will dig into what we’ve been taught about gender and explore the role of gender in our lives and in our congregations.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the series:

  • Jan 18   Unpacking the Gender Binary
  • Feb 15  Trans Experience and Spirituality
  • Mar 15 The Role of Culture in Trans Exclusion
  • Apr 19  Creating Culture Shift

You are welcome to join us for some or all of the sessions. Zoom information will be shared on the email list welcoming@uucpa.org. You can join that list by emailing welcoming+subscribe@uucpa.org.

NOTE: UUCPA has purchased access to the “Transgender Inclusion in Congregations” course for our entire congregation. If you plan to join us for our monthly viewings and discussions, then you do not need to enroll in the course separately. If you wish to take the course individually, email us at welcoming+owner@uucpa.org to learn how to enroll for free as a UUCPA member.