A letter from Luna

The author, hard at work

I don’t usually come to church. Okay, I never come to church. I hate going in the car, and I –what?

Oh. Amy is telling me I should start with “Dear cats, dogs, and other critters.” But why should I do that? I’m a cat. When I see other cats, I hiss, and when I see dogs, I hide. Other critters like birds and gerbils are fun to chase. But none of them are what I’d call “dear.” More just “annoying” –what?

Okay, okay. Amy says never mind the “dear” and just get to the point.

The point is, as I was saying, I would hate traveling to church, so when Amy told me one time that there was an Animal Blessing Service I said no, thank you. Well, I didn’t say thank you. I’m a cat. I just said NO. No going in that nasty carrier, no traveling in the car, and no hanging out with a bunch of d-o-g-s in a big strange echo-y room. I would hate that. She’s pretty smart, for a human, so she actually understood, and didn’t make me come to the service.

But now, she says, our services are online. I don’t know what that means, but it seems to mean that I can just curl up on her lap and still be at the service. Weird. Whatever. The curling up part sounds good, especially if I can sleep. I love to sleep.

So if you also love to sleep, or sit on your human’s lap, or run around in the background, or bark really loudly (sigh), there’s an upcoming service just for you. Amy can tell you the details. I’ve been awake for over 20 minutes, and it’s time for my next nap.


P.S. The service is Sunday, October 4, at 10:30 a.m. We humans will bless the other animals, sing about the other animals, give thanks for the interdependent web of all existence, and enjoy seeing each other’s animals online. You could change your profile picture to one of your pets or a favorite wild animal. Or you could have a photo of them handy to hold up to your webcam, just in case they have other plans for that time. See you all there–whatever species you are! –Amy