A New Kitchen Is Calling

Good news! Sally Ahnger has agreed to lead our effort to remodel our much-loved kitchen, and Edie Keating has joined the team as well! Thank you, Sally and Edie!

Many of you know that Sally, our former board president of many years, is a strong project manager, and Edie has supervised the creation of countless meals in our kitchen. But these two women cannot, nor should they, do it alone. They will need a few more trusty crew members to make our kitchen dreams come true.

If you are ready to sign up, or just curious to learn more, email Sally at sallyahnger@uucpa.org. Note that you do not need any particular skill set or background knowledge to be on this team. You only need a willingness to learn and commitment to the final outcome: a welcoming, functional space that will feed the bodies and souls of generations to come. 


Brooke Bishara