A Note From Reverend Amy About Mail Management

Dear all,
In order to be as responsive by e-mail as I strive to be in person, I have been embarking on serious e-mail reform over the past couple of weeks. I have emptied my inbox (for me, a full inbox means important messages get buried) and dealt with everything that came my way since January 1, 2019. I had some messages accumulated from before January 1, and have archived them, so if by chance there is something from that far back to which you are awaiting a response, first, I deeply apologize, and second, please resend it.

My goal is that if you send me something requiring my response, you never have to wait more than a day, apart from vacation or study leave. You can help in a couple of ways:

1. If a response is not needed from me specifically, but you just want me to be in the loop, include me as a cc: rather than an addressee.

2. If an answer is brief enough to go into the subject line, by all means, put it there with an (nt) for “no text” — I frequently do the same, knowing that you are also probably inundated with messages.

3. Scheduling appointments can take a half-dozen posts back and forth, so you can skip e-mail altogether by using my Calendly page to pick a time that works for you. I will receive an automatic notification.

I look forward to seeing – and responding to – your posts in my inbox! —Take care, Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern