From the Associated Minister of RE – Rev. Dan Harper

  • Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) News – Rev. Dan Harper February 18, 2017


    We have over fifty children and teens enrolled in our Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive sexuality education programs right now, at four different age levels: grades K–1, grades 4–6 (puberty), grades 7–9 (early adolescence), and grades 10–12 (adolescence). Close to half of those en- rolled are not part of UUCPA, testifying to the high reputation of our OWL curriculum. We offer all our OWL courses at no charge so that all families, regardless of income, can enroll their children. This makes OWL one of our more significant social justice programs.

    While OWL might be the most noticeable religious education program we offer, our other religious education programs are of equally high quali- ty. In the elementary grades, we provide basic religious literacy through an introduction to Western and non Western religious narratives. Navigators provides a traditional scouting experience without restricting access due to gender identity, sexual orientation, or belief in a deity (one child calls it “Everybody Scouts”). Our Neighboring Faith Communities course helps middle schoolers gain intercultural competency, while our Ecojustice class introduces the same age group to hands-on environmental justice. Our well respected Coming of Age course for grades 8–9 gives participants an opportunity to reflect deeply on self identity. And we have a diversity of opportunities for high school youth, including leadership opportunities, service projects, and a youth group.

    Nor do we rest on our successes. The Children and Youth Religious Education Committee has convened a curriculum subcommittee to review all our course offerings. We are constantly developing new curriculum ma- terials, some of which are beginning to be used by other congregations. We are constantly innovating and improving. We care about kids, and we care about education.

    And now a word from our sponsor: UUCPA is currently in the middle of its annual fundraising drive. You should receive your fundraising letter in the next week or so. And everyone at UUCPA — especially the kids who benefit from our excellent programs — would appreciate you making a generous pledge of financial support.

    —Rev. Dan Harper, Associate Minister of Religious Education


    Sunday school calendar (including OWL K–1 and 4–6)

    Sunday, February 19:

    • 9:30 am: Sunday school
    • (No OWL K–1 and 4–6)

    Sunday, February 26:

    • 9:30 am: Sunday school
    • 10:30 am: Fourth Sunday brunch
    • 11:00 am: OWL K–1 and 4–6

    Youth calendar (SHYG, Coming of Age, OWL 7–9)

    Sunday, February 19:

    • (No Coming of Age) (No OWL grades 7–9)

    6:30 pm: SHYG

    Sunday, February 26:

    • 11:00 am: Coming of Age
    • 5:00 pm: OWL grades 7–9
    • 6:30 pm: OWL parent discussion group
    • 6:30 pm: SHYG
  • From your Associate Minister of Religious Education January 6, 2017

    If you haven’t yet been to “The Rama Epic,” the exhibit about the Ramayana at the Asian Art Museum, do yourself a favor and go before it closes on Jan. 15. Yes, I know it’s a pain to drive all the way up to San Francisco, but there’s a parking garage right across the street — and this exhibit is just about guaranteed to boost your family’s religious literacy.

    If you don’t know the Ramayana very well, this exhibit is a fun introduction. The exhibit introduces you to four main characters from the Ramayana — Rama the hero, Sita the heroine, Hanuman the good monkey god, and Ravana the evil ten-headed demon. The exhibit includes art works, of course — but also videos of dance and puppet performances, and excerpts from the 2008 TV series produced in India. The museum will be offering a Family Fun day on Jan. 15, 10:30-2:30 — you could leave right after Sunday school and make it in plenty of time. More info here:

    See you soon,
    Dan Harper