Action Council Endorsement: Ballot Disclose Act

The UUCPA Action Council recently endorsed SB 90 & AB 1416, together comprising the Ballot DISCLOSE Act.  This message is to notify the congregation that per our Congregational Endorsement Guidelines the UUCPA Board of Trustees will be voting on April 22 on whether the Action Council’s endorsement of the Ballot DISCLOSE Act may be extended to a full congregational endorsement.

In the Ballot Disclose Act folder in the Action Council’s Google team drive you can read the Action Council’s endorsement letter to Assemblymember Marc Berman describing our reasons for this endorsement, a two-page information sheet about the Ballot Disclose Act and an FAQ document with specific information about the bills, planned amendments and polling results. 

Additional materials may be found at

SB 90 & AB 1416 are sponsored by California Clean Money Campaign, one of our Justice Partners.  For additional questions, you may contact Nancy Neff.  Comments on the endorsement may be sent to

Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern has commented on it here.

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