Action Council Resolutions for 2018 Annual Meeting

At the April 2017 Annual Meeting, two Action Council resolutions were passed by the congregation:

  • Use of UUCPA Banner
  • UUCPA Endorsements

Approval of these two resolutions was approved to be effective until the April 2018 Annual Meeting.
This year the Action Council requests approval of the same two resolutions until such time as they may be rescinded by the congregation at a future Annual Meeting. There have been no other changes to the resolutions since last year. You can find last year’s resolutions on our website under the Justice tab at:

In the past year, these two resolutions have been used as follows:

May 2017 and October 2017

Endorsement of California SB 31, The California Religious Freedom Act

  • The most important aspect of this bill was to prohibit participation in or collection of information for any religious registry.
  • UUCPA submitted letters of support for SB 31 to Senator Ricardo Lara (May) and Governor Jerry Brown (October). This law was passed by the California Legislature and signed into law by Governor Brown.

June 2017

  • Co-sponsorship of Unity Rally in San Jose, in response to anti-Sharia demonstrations
    • UUCPA was listed on publicity as a co-sponsor of the event

September 2017

Co-sponsorship of the September 11 Peaceful Presence event in downtown Palo Alto (held in conjunction with the American Muslim Voice Annual Peace Picnic)

  • UUCPA was listed on Peaceful Presence publicity as a co-sponsor of the event

January 2018

Action Council approved use of banner at any January 2018 Women’s March

April 2018

Co-sponsorship of the annual Mountain View May Day Rally