Adopt-a-Plant! Our Large Garden Needs You!

Here is an opportunity to get your hands dirty, beautify the landscape at church, help the native plants thrive, and have the satisfaction of keeping your bit of the garden neat and healthy!

New member Andrea Scharff has volunteered to “adopt” a small section of the garden, to weed it now and keep it weeded.  Would you adopt a small section of garden, or even one plant, to keep weeded?  For a family of four, how about adopting four plants?  You could focus on a few plants to learn about and care for, and be part of the interdependent web of life by providing habitat for native bugs (including butterflies!) and birds.  If you can’t weed, can you remove spent flowers?  Let me know when I can meet you at the garden to set up your adoption!  No experience needed.  

Glenda Jones, Andrea and I will have regular weekly gardening times to keep each other company.  And, I will be on the patio after the 11:00 service every week, scouting for gardeners. This month is perfect for weeding!  The ground is soft and the weeds aren’t too big . . . yet.  


Nancy Neff