All Church BBQ Party/Picnic – July 22nd @ Mitchell Park

New Location: Redwood Group Area in Mitchell Park, Palo Alto

  • Lunch and Beverages are provided.
  • Please bring a potluck dessert!
    • We can refrigerate at the church until the BBQ
  • After service is out at 11:30 am, walk on over. Lunch will be ready when you arrive.
  • Bring croquet sets, soccer balls (anyone have a soccer net?), frisbees etc.
  • For those folks who need more help with mobility, contact Elaine Dodd (office has contact information call 650-494-0541).
  • We need shade canopies/gazebos. Let Elaine know if you have one (or 2?) for the event.

RSVP’s are not mandatory, but are much appreciated – even if you rsvp to Elaine to say you’re a “maybe.” If you’d like to volunteer to help, let us know that too!

See you there!

— Edie Keating, Pamela Schure, and Elaine Dodd