Are You Taking Care of Yourself? — Rev Mary McKinnon Gans

Every Autumn is like this for me – I find I need more sleep, just as life seems to be speeding up. Though it’s been happening gradually since mid-September, it feels abrupt and sudden: the days are shorter! The commute is longer! – or seems to be, anyway – and part of it is in the dark. AND the season of many holidays is upon us.

And this year, of course, we have a national election that has produced high emotions of fear, anger, and even despair in many.

In the midst of all this, are you taking good care of yourself?

The national discourse has turned not only ugly but has opened a con- versation about sexism and sexual assault that is ripping the protective covering off hard memories and wounds for many. If you are one who is feeling this impact, know this:

You are not alone.
Your feelings are natural. It is not your fault.
You are good.

I do believe that this conversation will result in progress as we evolve to a more equal, just, and open society — but that may be scant comfort if you are feeling the hurt right now. So I ask again: are you taking care of yourself? Are you doing the things you know help you be able to face a hard day?

Please reach out for company and comfort to those you trust. Know that I am available as a listening heart if you find yourself troubled by what is going on around you or within you.

I will be in the office, as usual on Wednesdays, on November 9, the day after the election. If you need a breathing space on that day or any Wednesday, come by, or give me a call to set up a time.

Deep breaths, good people. And remember: none of us needs to be alone.

In loving kindness, Mary