From your Associate Minister of Religious Education

This is my last newsletter column before I start my sabbatical on October 1, and the most important thing I have to tell you is this:– You should attend the “Pot of Gold” UU Religious Education Conference” on SAt., Sept. 30.

The keynote speaker is going to be Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed, and Unitarian Universalist minister and scholar. If you heard Mark speak here at UUCPA a few years ago, you know he is a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker. And his topic is timely — his keynote address, titled “The Ignored, the Naive, and the Innocent,” will talk about the different ways racism and white supremacy impact all of our children, with special emphasis on what we can do in our UU religious education programs.

Following his keynote address, Mark will lead an interactive workshop on the same topic. Then, after lunch, there will be more workshops, including a workshop given by Greg Boyd, a scholar, educator, and member of the UUA Board, who will be preaching at UUCPA the next day. (There will also be a workshop by our own Kris Geering!)

Whether you’re a parent, a Sunday school teacher, a youth advisor, or just someone who cares about the young people in our congregation, this conference will be worth your time. Even if you just stay for Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed’s keynote address and workshop, it will be worth your time. If you volunteer in any way at UUCPA, the congregation will pay your registration fee (just let me know when you register).

This is also my last chance to see you before I take my five month sabbatical — I’m chairing the conference, then going on sabbatical. So for selfish reasons, I hope you attend, so I can say hi! More information about the conference, and a link to online registration, are here:

See you soon,
Dan Harper