Auction – Silent bidding ends and Live event begins on Nov 14 @ 6 pm (online)

The silent auction is auction is happening now (online) and ends at 6 pm on Nov 14 (tonight)! Once the silent auction ends, the live online event begins via Zoom. Prepare now by registering to bid at If you ordered a dinner box, please come to pick it up at the church between 2-4 pm today.

Dinner Party Boxes:

Lisa and Pam are finalizing all the Dinner party boxes today – and taste testing everything. Yummy! Please find us at the rear church kitchen door from 2- 4 pm today to pick yours up. We haven’t heard anyone needs a delivery. Email if I missed your request.

Bidder Registration (register now!):

You’ll need to register as a bidder before you can participate in the silent or the live auction bidding. Bidder registration requires an email address and you’ll need to be able to receive an email to confirm your registration. We suggest you visit the auction site earlier in the day to set up your bidder account. Need help? Please email and/or watch this helper video.

All payments this year are preferred to be via credit or debit cards. If you have any issues, email and we’ll help you out. 

Silent Auction Bidding (now through 6 pm tonight)

The silent auction is open now (and ends at 6 pm tonight). Place your bids directly on the auction website. If you want to see what’s up with your items, check the drop down menu to find items you’ve bid on, items you’ve been outbid on, and more. Once the silent auction ends, you can check out and pay for any silent items you’ve won online.


We are about 25% of our way to our donation goal last time I checked.

We had some late-arriving items worth checking out. And if you can up your bid anywhere or find another item to bid on, please do so.

Live Auction Bidding (starting after 6 pm tonight):

We’ll be offering the most exciting items via a “Live/Online” event at 6 pm on Nov 14 (tonight)!. Join the Zoom call to chat with UUCPA friends at 6 and then watch as each live item is offered starting at 6:30 pm. Since you can’t bid via Zoom, please also have a browser window open on the Live Auction page of the website to send in your bids (make sure to register as a bidder beforehand)!

  • Live Auction Event Zoom details:
  • 6 pm – PARTY TIME! Come early to chat and move from breakout room to breakout room. Please update your Zoom version to the latest 5.4.2 so that you can move around. Find a fun Zoom background. Try out a video filter. Or dress up for real. We’re going to designate one breakout room as the best Zoom party ‘outfit’ area. Let’s see your best party looks!
  • 6:30 pm – Live Auction starts featuring Joe Bailey with his color commentator Dan Harper to lead us through the live auction

This is an important fundraiser for the church, so bid or donate generously. 

After the auction:

Right after the auction, please check out your account tonight so that we can get your items asap.

Dropoff and Delivery:

If you donated an item, please plan to drop it off between 12:15 and 2:00 pm on Sunday, November 15, so that we can package up people’s items. I’d love to commit to having people come by starting at 3 pm to pick items up, but I’m not 100% sure we’ll be ready. Keep an eye out for an announcement on Sunday in case it all comes together.

Thanks, Pamela, Heather and Lisa