Bass Lake Update

Registrations are much lower than usual for our annual long weekend at Skylake Yosemite Camp (SYC) in the Sierra foot- hills. So low, in fact, that SYC may open the weekend to other groups to get the cabins filled, or cancel.

The change in this year’s dates from September to June does make it feel like we were just there, and doesn’t work for some families because school is still in session. However, if your kids are in Palo Alto schools, this is a great way to start summer vacation, since this weekend coincides with the start of summer break.

If you are thinking about or planning to participate, please SIGN-UP NOW!! If the fee is prohibitive, talk to Rev Amy or Rev Dan about a “campership” to off-set some of the cost.

Questions? Contact Diane Meier (the chuch office has contact informa- tion).