Board Member of the Month – June 2022 (Buzz)

Meet Your Leaders! 

Did you know that our community is led by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees that meets monthly? Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings and learn how UUCPA is governed. In an effort to make the Board more accessible to the entire community, we will feature one Board member each month in our weekly update and on our website. 

This month, Buzz Frahn, our VP of Facilities, is featured. 

1.   What are three interesting facts about you? 

Right out of college I almost became an investment banker but instead got a job on a ranch in Wyoming – a much better choice.

I grew up without any first cousins – but married into Anne’s family which has plenty!

With my dad, we built a treehouse at our home twelve years ago (our kids were littler then) that was featured on the front page of the PA Weekly. It helps that my dad is an architect.

2.   Why did you join UUCPA?

Anne and I first discovered a UU congregation when we lived in New York City: the Community Church of NY on East 35th.  It immediately felt like home.  When we moved to San Francisco, we attended First Unitarian, and when we moved to Palo Alto in 2005, we ‘shopped’ several nearby UU congregations.  UUCPA had such great energy, great clergy, and a strong RE program, so again, we felt immediately at home.

3.   What made you join the Board?

Well, you could say I am late to the game – my wife Anne and my son Harrison have already served on the board, so I am just catching up to their legacy.  For a number of years, I have wanted to serve, but the usual other drains on one’s time – children, work – meant that I didn’t feel I could do it justice.  But with our youngest, Celia, heading to college this year, and with dialing back my professional obligations, I felt it was time.  Plus, I have served on and advised a number of other boards, so perhaps I can bring some relevant experience.

   4.   When is the next Board meeting, and how can I attend? 

Answer: Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 22 at 7:00 pm. You can attend by emailing and asking for the Zoom link.