Brown Bag Book Discussion Group January Update

The BBB January selection is Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover (nonfiction).

Westover was 17 the first time she was in a classroom because her survivalist father thought “it was a means for the government to brainwash its gullible citizens, and her mother wasn’t diligent on … homeschooling… (if not for) a brother who managed to extricate himself from their isolated – and often dangerous world,… (Westover) might still be in rural Idaho… trying to survive… her survivalist upbringing (…her father also distrusted doctors). It’s a miraculous story… For those of us who took our educations for granted or occasionally fell asleep in large lecture halls … it’s hard to grasp the level of grit … and intellect required for her to earn her Ph.D. at Cambridge University … and what she had to sacrifice to attain it…(this book) is an inspiring reminder that knowledge is, indeed, power.” (Amazon)

Please join us on Tuesday, January 8, at noon in the Fireside Room to discuss this extraordinary book. (The January 8 meeting date is to work around New Year’s day.)

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