Bylaws Change For Vote At Annual Meeting

The Board is proposing a Bylaws change for a vote at the Annual Meeting on April 29. This change would allow the board to appoint delegates to the PCD/PWR Assembly instead of having the congregation elect the delegates. Our annual meeting is often held near the date of the PCD/PWR Assembly, so choosing the delegates earlier than the annual meeting would be better. This year, since the annual meeting is scheduled for the same weekend as the Assembly, we had to hold the election of delegates via postal mail, which was a waste of time, effort, and trees. Please support this bylaws change (see below for details). If you have questions or comments, please let me know. — Sally Ahnger, Board President Proposed Bylaws:

A. NOMINATING DELEGATES FOR GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The Nominating Committee shall present at least one (1) nominee for each allowed General Assembly delegate.
B. ELECTION OF DELEGATES FOR GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The delegates receiving the highest number of votes for the positions to be filled shall be elected. Voting shall be governed by Article VI. C. NOMINATING DELEGATES FOR THE PACIFIC CENTRAL DISTRICT: The Nominating Committee shall present nominees to the Board of Trustees.
D. APPOINTMENT OF DELEGATES FOR THE PACIFIC CENTRAL DISTRICT: The delegates shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees.
11.05: VACANCIES: A vacancy that occurs after the election or appointment of delegates may be filled by the Board of Trustees by appointment without calling a congregational meeting to elect additional delegates.