Call for Nominations for Justice Partner for the Month

Each month the Church supports a social justice organization by donating one Sunday’s plate collection.  The Action Council will review the current and proposed recipients and present a slate for 2018-19 at the Annual Meeting on April 29 for a congregational vote. If you would like to make a suggestion for an organization to support, or voice your support for a currently supported organization, please email or call one of us, before Monday, March 26.
Among the factors considered are:
  • Are UUCPA members actively involved with the group;
  • Preference for local groups;
  • Who they serve and what they do;
  • What is their funding base and will our donation have an impact.
For nominations of new organizations, please provide information to help the Action Council with our decision, including:
  • Organization name and location;
  • Organization website;
  • Who they serve and what they do;
  • Size (in terms of membership if applicable and budget);
  • Their major source of funds;
  • Your relationship with the group.
UUCPA is supporting the following organizations for the current fiscal year (2017-18):
  • Sequoia Adult School Scholars
  • South Palo Alto Food Closet
  • California Clean Money Campaign
  • Day Worker Center of Mountain View
  • Hotel de Zink
  • Opportunity Center
  • South Bay Sanctuary Covenant
  • Outlet
  • Stevenson House
  • Ada’s Cafe
  • Green Sanctuary Choice: Earthjustice
  • American Muslim Voice
More information is on the website:
Thank you from Action Council:
Edie Keating, Sally Ahnger, Karen Skold, Tina Kochel, Kristi Iverson, Jane Glauz, Jeb Eddy