Candidates for Church Leadership — From the Nominating Committee

In accordance with the Church Bylaws, the Nominations Committee is pleased to announce its candidates for Board of Trustees, Nominations Committee and GA delegates. The election will be part of the Annual Meeting of UUCPA, which starts at approximately 12:30 pm on April 19, 2020, in the Main Hall (to be confirmed).

For three-year terms on the Board of Trustees:

  • Brooke Bishara
  • Kevin Crane
  • Joe Bailey
  • Maria Almli

For two-year terms on the Board of Trustees:

  • Gregg Williams
  • Emma Grant-Bier

For a one-year term on the Board of Trustees:

  • Dave Joki

For a one year term on the Nominations Committee (eligible to serve 2 consecutive one-year terms):

  • Brian Weller (incumbent)
  • Castor Fu (incumbent)
  • Cathy Gale (incumbent)
  • Weijia Cheng
  • Elsa Schafer

Note: In addition to the above-listed candidates, members of the church are welcome to nominate themselves for a position on the Board or Nominating Committee. You may volunteer for either of these positions by drafting a petition to have your name included on the ballot, having it signed by at least three other church members, and submitting it to the church office, addressed to the Nominating Committee,, no later than April 2.

For voting delegates to the 2020 UUA General Assembly, June 24-28 (

  • Lisa Helmonds (off-site delegate)
  • Bill Hilton (off-site delegate)

Note: In addition to the GA delegates proposed by the Committee, members of the church are welcome to nominate themselves as delegates by contacting the Nominating Committee. Delegates can also self-nominate for General Assembly from the floor during the Annual Meeting. Delegates may attend and vote on business matters by attending GA in person in Providence, RI, or as off-site delegates by accessing live video streaming. Our church may select up to five delegates to GA.

Current members of the Nominations Committee are: Geoff Ivison, Liz Esbenshade, Castor Fu, Cathy Gale, Brian Weller