Changes in Leadership

In recent months, two board members have had to resign for personal reasons. When a board member resigns, the bylaws call for the board to appoint someone to fill their seat until the next board election at the annual meeting in April. I’m pleased to announce that the board has appointed two fantastic new board members: Kevin Crane and Sharon Cu. Kevin has been serving on the Finance Committee for the last year or so and is now VP of Finance on the board, replacing Mark Erickson. Sharon Cu is replacing Bob Byrom, who most of you know had a lung transplant a couple of weeks ago. We have also had a resignation from the Nominating Committee by Catherine Holmes, who is moving away. The Nom Comm selected Brian Weller to replace her and the board approved the selection. Brian will serve on the committee until the Nominating Committee election in April.

If you see them around, please thank Mark Erickson, Bob Byrom and Catherine Holmes for serving our congregation in leadership roles, and thank Kevin Crane, Sharon Cu and Brian Weller for stepping up to fill the vacancies. Our community benefits greatly from those who are willing to donate their time to making everything run smoothly.