Children and Youth Religious Education —From Rev Dan Harper, Associate Minister of Religious Education


Summer is one of the best times to bring your children to UUCPA. The pace is more relaxed. Summer Sunday School feels less like school and more like summer camp, where kids do fun projects together in mixed age groups — I always enjoy seeing middle school kids helping little kids with projects (and middle schoolers sometimes even pick up babysitting gigs).

For adults, the relaxed pace of summer services often means it’s a little bit easier to get to know new people. In fact, although I can’t prove it, I suspect that newcomers who start coming to UUCPA in late spring are more likely to stick around long term because it’s easier to meet people. As for me, I’ll be around for about half the summer. I’ll be out of town from June 25 through July 31, on vacation for four weeks, and serving as minister of the week at a UU conference in Saco, Maine, for one week. (I’ll also be out of town June 10 to 12 attending a memorial service in Ohio, though if my flight gets in on time I’ll be at UUCPA in time for the second service on June 12.)

I look forward to seeing you some summer Sunday in the near future! See you soon, Dan Harper