CYRE Spring Project: Ecology Experiments

The CYRE Committee is introducing a new Spring Project for gr. K-5

– Ecology Experiments! From March 26 through May 7, we’ll be offering fun ecology-centered activities for elementary aged kids. Projects may include ecology-oriented crafts, quilting, games, cooking, etc. There will be fun ecology-oriented skits and environmental songs to sing. Kids like coming to the Spring Project, whatever the theme, because they get to choose the fun activities they prefer, and they get to be with other kids of different ages.

Want to help lead an activity in Ecology Experiments? It’s fun and easy. You prepare one project, and lead the same project each week for 4-5 weeks (depending on your availability). We have the following projects already prepared for you to use:

– a variety of ecology crafts for kids

– organic baking and/or cooking

– making a terrarium

– playing ecology board games (Wildcraft, Eco- Fluxx, Skunk Bingo, Dragonfly, etc.)

– making mini-biospheres (but you’ll have to find a source for amphi- pods)

Please contact Dan Harper <> if you’d like to help!