David Harris

With great sorrow, I’m letting you know that David Harris died on September 18th in the early morning hours. He was an active member here for over 15 years, beginning, if my memory serves, as a dual member of UUCPA and the nearby Humanist Community. 
David was one of those dear and rare people who had strong opinions but listened with true curiosity and delight to others’ experiences. He had both a kind heart and a lively mind. He has been missed from Forum and Sunday services in these past months as his ill health made it difficult to bridge the gap to a new form of attendance, but he has been very much a part of the community all the way. 
I know many of you were in touch with David over these past several months. Most recently, Esa Jacobi has been watching over his care, helping with innumerable details and staying in contact with David’s brother in another state. Jess Martin made him a CD of UU music and hunted down a CD player for his room. Thank you all for being the helping hands to go with our congregation’s loving hearts.
We will plan a memorial service after I talk to his brother.
Peace, Amy