Deadline extended to register for Beloved Conversations!

If you were inspired by the February 6 service (audio here, video here) and would like to participate in the Zoom group Beloved Conversations Within this spring, you’re in luck–the deadline has been extended to next Monday, February 28.
For UU people of color, the “Gathering Ourselves” program provides a group of mutual support and learning that can be hard to find in a local congregation (though by all means, let’s create one at UUCPA as well!).

For white UUs, “Within” is a great program for those feeling a desire to create a world free of racism, and also experiencing some internal forces such as shame, guilt, or apprehension that can block action and even keep them from learning more.

I will add to the voices of those who led the February 6 service: if you are holding back because the resource list looks too long, follow my example and take it anyway. Lots of people, including me, don’t complete all the “assignments” each time, and the learning and relationships formed are still deep. The companionship of others on the same journey is invaluable, as are the session resources and Meaning Making Sessions, a.k.a. knock-your-socks-off worship services.

A community of UUCPA folks who have found this program liberating is growing. Join us!

Take care, Amy