Emergency Aid for India

Dear UUCPA folks,

The COVID emergency in India is devastating. In Sunday’s service, we heard the words of Subhadra Sen Gupta, and the story of Damyantiben Pithadiya, both of whom have recently died of COVID in the wave that is overwhelming the country’s medical services and draining it of crucial supplies such as oxygen. I want to follow up with some information on how you can help.

We often recommend the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee as a way to send your support to local organizations in the affected area. However, the particular challenges of the political and humanitarian situation in India make their model of partnering with local NGOs an impossibility at this time.

An organization that has managed to get desperately-needed material aid to many locations across India despite the barriers is Direct Relief.  It also receives a top rating from Charity Navigator, so I am confident that your donations will be used well.

While thoughts and prayers are no substitute for material support, they are a good accompaniment to it, as are words of care. So, given how many members of our congregation and community have connections to India, let’s support those who may be very worried about their family and friends.

Take care,