Date(s) - 08/14/2016
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


According to Prof. Mary Evelyn Tucker of Yale, an organizer of the renowned Forum on Religion and Ecology, the global environmental crisis “is not only the result of economic, political, and social factors. It is also a moral and spiritual crisis which … will require broader philosophical and religious understandings of ourselves as creatures of nature, embedded in life cycles and dependent on ecosystems.”

In this book discussion group, we’ll read sacred texts from the world’s major religions to find spiritual and philosophical insight into the ongoing global environmental crisis. In the first sessions, we’ll start out by discussing some sacred texts from the Hebrew Bible and the Christian scriptures, including the “dominion mandate” in Genesis. From there, we’ll decide which sacred texts we’d like to read together.


Contact:           Dan Harper (

Facilitators:     Dan Harper and Jeneen Namaar

Registration:   Not required

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