Fair-Trade Chocolate is BYO

Given the difficulties in trying to sell fair-trade chocolate during the pandemic, the Action Council has decided that we will not be purchasing, repackaging, and selling fair trade mini chocolate bars this year.  UUCPA has been making fair trade chocolate available for Halloween since Rev. Amy first started the tradition about 10 years ago.  Buying fair-trade chocolate instead of the major brands is a good way to support growers who are not using slave labor on their plantations.  If you want to buy your own fair-trade chocolate, look for the Fair Trade mark on the labels of products in stores, or you can order from Equal Exchange where the church usually orders its chocolate.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact a member of the Action Council: Sally Ahnger (chocolate coordinator), Kristi Iverson (chair), Jess Martin, Karen Skold, Edie Keating, Tina Kochel, or Jane Glauz.  

Thanks for your support in previous years and we will see you on the patio next year.