Forum Starts in-person meetings!

In-person Forum meetings will start this coming Sunday, March 20, 2022!  We’ll meet in the Fireside Room, just like old times (but check the Forum page for up-to-date location information).  We’ll continue with Zoom, too, so our meetings will now be hybrid.

If you are interested in attending in person, here are some things you should know about UUCPA’s requirements for on-campus participation:

  1. You need to have the level of vaccination that the CDC recommends. For Moderna and Pfizer that means 3 shots;  for Johnson and Johnson it’s 2. There are more details below about how to document your vaccination status.
  2. You will need to be masked inside and should maintain a 6-foot distance between people.  You are encouraged to be masked when you are outside on campus.
  3. You will be required to provide contact information (First and Last Name, phone number) for contact-tracing purposes. 
  4. Participants are expected to take responsibility for their own well-being.
  5. Participants understand that there remains a very small risk that these precautions may not be sufficient to provide guaranteed protection from infection 

Documenting vaccination status.

Good news! If you have already given your info to the church, we already know about you.
More good news! If you haven’t, it’s not too late. Here’s what to do.

***** Photograph your card, or get a screenshot of your state record at If you have a vax card in your phone’s wallet, that’s fine too. Email that to with “Vaccine” in the subject and Jeff will put it in the church’s database.*****

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