Forum Topics for July 2021

The Forum meets from 9:00 to 10:15 Sunday mornings in the Fireside Room. Here are the topics for July, 2021:

7/4 Radical welcome at UUCPA – Susan Owicki

7/11 Voting rights and voting registration – open discussion

7/18 Can we ever get off the consumption treadmill? – Dick Duda

Related book: The Day the World Stops Shopping, by J.B. McKinnon

7/25 Discussion of Matters of Current Local, National, and International Interest, and Selection of Forum Discussion Topics for September

The Forum will meet via online video conference.  The link will be emailed to members of If you aren’t already in that group (or if you aren’t sure), please request to join by 9 pm Saturday evening for the next day’s meeting info by sending an email to

Everyone is welcome.

For more information, visit our Forum page.