Fourth Sunday Waffles Return! April 24, 10:30 (after 1st service)

Am I making you hungry? for waffles? and Nutella? and… Whipped Cream!? (yes, and the fruit salad and hard-boiled eggs too…) 

Here is our plan:

  • Waffle table will be on the walkway behind the kitchen.
  • Self serve waffle line – mask and a squirt of hand sanitizer required. 
  • Taking your waffle to go? take a paper plate, or bring your own container.
  • Eating on campus? take a regular while plate.
  • Waffle eating rule – sit down before you start eating. If you need to get up, (for more whipped cream or a second waffle), mask back on before you get up. 
  • Where to sit? Find a chair, or there is lots of room to sit on the grass.  

To summarize – Waffles!!!!!  

Edie Keating for the Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) Committee