From the Associate Minister of Religious Education

I don’t know about you, but I was so glad to hear that the vaccine for ages 5 to 11 was approved by the FDA. If you have children in this age range, I hope you can get them vaccinated soon!

The Children and Youth Religious Education Committee and I are still trying to figure out how vaccination will affect the way we run our programs. We have taken a fairly conservative approach, preferring to err on the side of safety. However, we’ve begun talking about what we might be able to do once every child in a given class is vaccinated.

The CYRE Committee took a small step towards opening up our policies at their meeting on November 2, when they decided to allow the Senior High Youth Group to cook meals together, outdoors and distanced. And we began talking about what our next steps might be.

Again, we are going slowly and cautiously. We’re still watching the CDC website to see how high the rate of transmission is in Santa Clara County. What do you think? What are your criteria for safe children’s programs these days? We would love to hear from parents about what they think feels safe — email me at

Hope to see you soon,