From the Associate Minister of Religious Education

Attendance at Sunday programs has been surprisingly good, sometimes 80% of pre-pandemic numbers. And as children aged 5-11 are fully vaccinated, I’m expecting attendance to go up even more. Kids are longing for the kind of informal programming that UUCPA provides — and parents are longing for a chance to see other adults in a safe setting.

Our programs remain outdoors, masked, and distanced. Once children 5 and up are fully vaccinated, we might be able to move those age groups indoors if the wind is high, or if temperatures fall below 45 degrees — we’re currently figuring out if that’s possible. But we’re really lucky that we have excellent outdoor meeting spaces that are well sheltered.

We’re still not able to provide infant and toddler care safely. And preschoolers (who can’t yet be vaccinated) stay outdoors for free play. But all other ages now have full programming up and running.

Once you feel safe doing so — maybe after your children are fully vaccinated — come join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30. Those in-person connections are great for kids, and for parents too.

Hope to see you soon,
Dan Harper