From the Associate Minister of Religious Education

UUCPA is in the process of re-opening our children and youth programs. As we do so, we want to accommodate the needs of different families. So it’s our goal to provide as much choice as possible so that all families can feel comfortable returning to UUCPA.

Here’s an example of how we’re offering choices. UUCPA continues to require masks while on campus. This is to help protect children under the age of 5 (who still can’t be vaccinated), plus anyone with health conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID. At the same time, we want to resume our cherished tradition of waffles every fourth Sunday. So we’ll allow socially distanced mask-free waffle eating on campus, in a place removed from those who don’t want to remove masks. And if you don’t want to eat on campus, we’re going to make sure you can take your waffles with you. Read the announcement elsewhere in this newsletter for details.

Here’s another example of how we’re offering choices. We’re going to resume child care for infants and toddlers. Since the regular nursery is too small, we moved infant and toddler care to Room 4/5. At the same time, the current plan is to offer outdoors seating at the first worship service, so if you want to keep your infant or toddler with you, you can do that safely.

The Children and Youth Religious Education Committee and I are doing our best to offer choices so that your family can feel safe returning to Sunday morning programs. If you have additional ideas of how we can offer choices for families, please let us know!

Hope to see you soon, Dan Harper