From the Associate Minister of Religious Education – Winding Down

My time at UUCPA is winding down. My last Sunday will be June 5, when I’ll be teaching Sunday school with my successor, Rev. Cat Boyle. The week of June 6, I’ll be helping get ready for Ecojustice Camp, then I’ll be one of the counselors at Ecojustice Camp from June 13-17. Right after camp is over, Carol and I will start driving east to our new home in Massachusetts.

I’m really excited that Cat will be following me as your new Minister of Religious Education. I’ve known Cat for a while now, and have been impressed by her work. I’d also like to point out that there was a distinct shortage of ministers of religious education this year. The fact that Cat chose to accept the offer to come to UUCPA is a testimony to the excellent reputation of UUCPA’s religious education programs.

Both Cat and I will be starting our respective new ministries on August 1. The two of us, together with Amy, came up with a “Letter of Understanding” about how we’re going to relate to our new congregations and our previous congregations. That “Letter” is in this newsletter, and I hope it will answer all your questions on this topic.

It’s been a great 13 years here at UUCPA. As an MRE, I feel that I’ve upheld the legacy of my predecessors: Rev. Til Evans, Rev. Darcey Laine, and Rev. Eva Ceskava, three women whom I greatly respect. More importantly, I have tried to live up to the high standards set by the talented volunteers at UUCPA. As you know, UUCPA was founded in large part to provide religious education to children and teens. Even our buildings were built to support religious education (the Fireside Room was originally a children’s chapel!).

Hope to see you tomorrow at UUCPA,