From the chair of the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee

The Children and Youth Religious Education committee (CYRE) held a retreat in January and asked some interesting questions.

• What is it like to visit UUCPA for the first time with children?

• What is our “signature dish,” meaning (beyond waffles), what makes us the congregation people choose to come back to, rather than other alternatives?

You won’t be surprised that people from the Membership and Growth Committee joined us too, and that we did not finish our conversation! But we did choose some areas to work on over the next few months.

Two of the areas we are working on are focused on a family’s first visit – how can the Welcome table staff be ready to greet new families, and what are good ways for CYRE teachers to welcome first-time students? We’ve already helped the Welcome table staff develop a new brochure for first-time visitors.

We have some other things we are working on, and we’ll tell you more about those in an upcoming newsletter.

—Edie Keating, chair of the CYRE Committee