From your Associate Minister of Religious Education 4/1/2017

We have had to cancel the ecology camps for gr. 2-5 and gr. 6-8, scheduled for mid-June. These camps have been run by Mike Abraham and me, and we thought we were on track to hold them this year. But then we had some key staff who were unable to return, and on top of that both Mike and I lost our fathers in the past year, leaving us less time and energy to devote to the camps (note that much of my work for the camps is done on a volunteer basis).

Canceling the camps is unfortunate for two main reasons. First of all, some of our returning campers were very disappointed — it turns out that some of our campers felt this was the best camp they went to all last summer, and canceling the camps caused a certain amount of tears and even anger. Mike and I can only apologize, and say that we too are sad that we had to cancel these camps.

The other reason canceling these camps was unfortunate is that they were financially successful. Even though the camps were small (about a dozen children or teens each week), even though we were able to give scholarships to anyone who needed one, these camps actually generated a surplus. This is important as we explore how we can come up with innovative funding to continue to generate innovative educational programming.

Fortunately, we will still be able to offer Nature Camp June 12-16, 2017, for children completing Young Fives, TK, or gr. K-1 in 2017. Kris Geering is director of this half day camp, and she has wonderful plans in place for young campers.

And Mike and I hope to bring back the gr. 2-5 and gr. 6-8 camps next summer (if the campers forgive us for canceling this year). If you’d like to help us make that happen, either by providing logistics support or by serving on staff, please let me know!

See you soon,
Dan Harper