FY19-20 Board of Trustees Officers and Portfolios

All Board of Trustees Officers have been elected and all Portfolio Owners assigned.  Below is the list for your reference. Note that this list is also included at the end of each issue of the Bulletin and is posted on the UUCPA website.

FY19_20 Board and Portfolios

  • Jim Basiji, Co-President. Membership
  • Sally Ahnger , Co-President, Staff Relations
  • Mark Erikson, VP Finance
  • Lorraine Kostka, VP Facilities, ARE
  • Joe Bailey, Secretary
  • Kristi Iverson, Social Justice
  • Jeb Eddy, Newcomers
  • Geetha Rao, Policies
  • John Kostka, CYRE
  • Thida Cornes, Communications
  • Robert Byrom, Planning
  • Audrey Erbes, Small Groups
  • Barbara Smith-Thomas, Assistant Treasurer, Denominational Concerns

Ex-officio Members

  • Kay Brown, Treasurer
  • Amy Morgenstern, Minister
  • Dan Harper, Minister of Religious Education