General Assembly Delegates

How would you like to meet other UUs who share some of your cherished values and causes?  You may do so by attending this year’s General Assembly in Portland OR.  What a great city!  What a great weekend!  June 22-26.  Check it out here:

You can attend in person or online this year.  Either way you’ll be sure to meet other UUs from all over the country, to learn something of what’s stimulating and challenging other congregations, and to be uplifted by amazing speakers and worship with hundreds of other UUs.  

If you attend, you can represent UUCPA as an official delegate—which entitles you to vote on business and justice matters that will come before the Assembly.  To become a delegate you’ll need endorsement by our congregation at the Annual Meeting on April 24.  If you wish to represent UUCPA, please send me an email via ( and the Nominations Committee will act quickly on your expression of interest.

I have attended three past GAs and am happy answer general questions you may have.  Please check the website and give this your full consideration.  If you decide to attend, I’m sure you will benefit significantly and enjoy the event.
Best regards
Bill Hilton