Getting to Know the Committee on Ministry

As set forth in our Bylaws, the Committee on Ministry (CoM) is responsible for supporting and monitoring the health of UUCPA’s total shared ministry. Any church member can contact any CoM member with questions or concerns. This may be especially helpful if there is a conflict that involves the ministers. In addition to helping mediate conflicts within the congregation, the CoM is responsible for ensuring that we the congregation understand our role in our shared ministry. Ministry is something we all do, together! (See

The CoM includes six lay members, plus the ministers as ex officio members. Some members are chosen by the Board, some by the ministers, and some by the CoM itself. (Members are listed at 

Please remember that we’re here to listen. We welcome ideas for ways to better minister to ourselves, each other, and the world. We also want to hear about any situation or conflict that significantly hinders any congregation member’s comfortable participation in our collective spiritual life.