Green Sanctuary Update – What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name?  What’s in a name such as “Green Sanctuary Committee”?  That name has some history and connection to a movement in our denomination.  In the early years of this millennium, members of the Committee such as Ben Hammett, Hershey Julian, Jean McFadden, Richard Cassel and others climbed on a bandwagon driven by the UU Ministry for Earth to achieve certification for UUCPA as a “Green Sanctuary Congregation”.  Certification came in 2007.

Ten years later committee members discussed at the October meeting whether the name is best for what we do and for communicating with the congregation, with other environmental groups and individuals.  At least one committee member reported being confused by the name before he joined.  Another suggested changing the name to “Environmental Justice Committee” and a third suggested “Environmental Action Committee”.
If you have another suggestion, or if you like the current name, please send an email to me at
Bill Hilton