“Guest At Your Table” (GAYT)

GAYT is the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) annual program that highlights people around the world who have been helped by UUSC.  If you want to get the children involved, here’s what you can do: Pick up a Guest at Your Table box at UUCPA. These are small cardboard boxes that sit on your dinner table. Each night at dinner, have your children place some spare change into the box — perhaps the amount that their evening meal would cost for one more person. Emphasize to the children that everyone joining together in a small way can bring about changes in a big way.

Before Christmas, you can count up the money you have collected, and submit a check made out to “UUCPA” with “Guest at Your Table” on the memo line. Questions? Contact Beth Nord, this year’s Guest at Your Table Coordinator. — Beth Nord