Have you posted your Auction donation???

A few intrepid folks have started posting their online donations. Thank you so much! Add your donation here: https://charityauction.bid/uucpa2020auction

And the auction team is looking at yummy food options for the party food boxes for the evening of the auction.
We are still looking for volunteers in the following areas on November 14th:- Cooking crew for the day – Tech crew for the night- And, yes, we need an intrepid auctioneer!

The board also wants to let folks know that the current guidelines for events is as follows:

Guidelines for In-person 2020 Auction Offerings.

These guidelines are in effect until viral conditions change significantly. In-person events planned for late spring or summer of 2021 will likely not be subject to the same restrictions. We will closely follow Santa Clara County Health Department guidelines and note when they change.

  1. Gatherings must occur entirely outdoors, except that participants may use public restrooms, provided that the restrooms are frequently sanitized.
  2. No more than 10 persons may be present at any one time.
  3. The host must maintain a list with the names and contact information of all participants. If a participant tests positive for COVID-19, the host shall assist the County Public Health Department in any case investigation and contact tracing associated with the gathering.
  4. Food and beverages may not be provided for consumption at the gathering.
  5. No equipment or items may be shared amongst persons, except amongst members of the same household or living unit.
  6. No singing is allowed unless participants wear masks the entire time and stand at least 13 feet apart.
  7. All participants must wear face coverings at all times.
  8. Except for members of the same household or living unit, all participants must remain at least six feet from one another at all times.

What you CAN do:

  • Offer a service
  • Share how you make your famous sauce, sourdough bread,
  • Send people to their own houses with food
  • Have group parties online – https://www.trickstercards.com/ anyone?
  • Plan events for later in 2021 when guidelines will be more amenable to in-person events
  • And yummy food to eat and drink is always popular.

Thanks, everyone,