Heart and Home returns – Bring a meal? or Some Muffins!

The Heart and Home women’s shelter returns to UUCPA March 6 through April 17. Heart and Home asks our members, and also the wider community – to sign up to bring meals online at  https://signup.com/go/pMrHFbs  . And if you like to bake – they also have an option to sign up to bring muffins.

1) If you are interested – sign up soon. Community members outside UUCPA will be signing up too starting Wed evening, so pick your date today!

2) Logistics  – Deliver a ready-to-serve dinner for 8 to the UUCPA kitchen back door at 6:15pm – Look for a dinner dropoff cart. This is also the requested time and place to drop off muffins.

3) Heart and Home could use one more volunteer to help at dinner time once a week – email Edie if interested. 

4) We encourage you to be as green as possible about food containers. Overview – minimize disposable plastic!We all buy some items in plastic containers – Food that arrives in a plastic container will not be turned away! We do encourage you to include “less plastic” as one of your criteria when you plan a meal to bring. 
A few examples – 

  • Bring lasagne in your own  pan with foil or a metal pan on top rather than in a bought aluminum pan with a plastic lid. 
  • You can borrow a pan or pot from UUCPA in advance on Sundays if that helps. 
  • If you bring food in your own bowl, and would like to bring your bowl home, ask the dinner volunteer to swap your food to a UUCPA bowl. Or you can pick up your bowl in the kitchen on Sunday. 
  • If you order a meal from a restaurant, find out what packaging they use. And try to say no thanks to plastic forks and knives. 
  • There are great meals at Costco, but as you pick, think about packaging as well as the delicious bargains. 

Thanks! Edie Keating, Beth Sherman, and Barbara Smith-Thomas